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About the Ten Broeck Name

Ten Broeck was a world renown, Kentucky born and bred racehorse of the 1870's and 1880's known for his great stamina and grace. He set many long standing records in his day. But early in his life, his owner did not think much of Ten Broeck. "He was an undersized colt, very awkward and mischievous. He had a way of crawling under the bar in the calves' shed, where he would make way with all their feed." But his young nephew, Frank Harper, loved him and begged to let him keep the horse. "When the colts run across the pasture he pushes a little ahead of the others every time." Frank continued to nurture and believe in Ten Broeck and to everyone's surprise, he began winning races.

At the end of his life, he was a champion and held the record for the two-mile classic. Many said no horse ever had a kinder, better disposition or approached as near to perfection as old Ten Broeck. Ten Broeck could run longer and keep his wind better than any horse that ever lived in the world and won many fiercely contested races.

- Kentucky Explorer, August 1992

Donald R. Dizney, founder and Chairman of United Medical Corporation (UMC), has had a life -long interest in thoroughbred racing and wanted to operate under an uncommon name that had a personal application.

"Ten Broeck (the horse) was like a lot of us and our patients. Life is constantly requiring us to go the extra mile to become a champion. The uniqueness of the name reminds all of us of the uniqueness of each individual. With care and nurturing, we can all become champions in our own way."

- Donald R. Dizney, Chairman, Ten Broeck Healthcare